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Our Services

Mystery Shopper

Sales and Service Points

Mystery shopper inspections at the company's sales and service facilities, includes customer service centers, brand-name stores, repair service facilities, sales centers, etc. "Shopping-It" visits the facility as customers in order to examine and experience the sales and service practices of the company in the eyes of the customer.

Mystery Shopper

Telephone Service and Sales Centers

For mystery shopper inspections of the company's telephone customer-service and sales centers, "Shopping-It" workers pretend to be a customer on the phone. They call the company in order to identify both strengths and points for improvement in the company's telephone sales and service centers.

Mystery Shopper

Sales floor Analytics

Our mystery shoppers inspect the client’s sales floor, and its suitability for achieving the company's sales and marketing goals. "Shopping-It" analysts visit the company's sales and service facilities to examine the shelving, signs, the presentation of special deals, queues at the cash register, etc. The level of service at the business is also checked. The purpose of this model is to help maximize the potential of the clients’ retail activity, improve customer experience, increase sales, and maximize profitability.

Mystery Shopper

Online shopping

Our mystery shopper inspects the company's digital activity, such as: electronic trade, online shopping sites, customer service chats, internet forums, etc. Our "shoppers" browse the company's sales and service websites, shop online and ask for services, in order to identify points for improvement in the user interface, and optimize customer experience.

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