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Mystery Shopping Solutions to Accelerate Your Business Growth


We use the unique mystery shopper model we have developed to carry out in-depth service inspections at all the interface points between your company and your customer.

Hi, We are Shopping-It

We specialize in the 'mystery shopper' method for maximizing customer satisfaction and therfore helping your business grow.


We understand customer experience, and have devised a methodology that has been proven to work with a wide variety of businesses. From morning to evening, we visit our clients' sales floors disguised as customers. We listen carefully to the phone calls of the sales staff and examine the customer service provided online. Most importantly, we help clients to understand their current strenghths and weaknesses from behind the scenes in order to tackle problems and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

We use the unique mystery shopper model. This model is developed to carry out in-depth service inspections at all the interface points between your company and your customer.

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How it Works?

In 6 Simple Steps

Tell us about your needs


Initially, we will map out what the company believes it requires in order to improve and analyze its expectations and goals in order to achieve the requested goal.

Mystery shopper inspections


Carrying out in-depth mystery shopper inspections for all the company’s interfaces with its customers, in stores, over the phone, and on the internet. The inspections will include many recurring checks at each interface point to accurately reflect methodical organizational conduct patterns, as opposed to random events.

Implementation and growth


After presenting the inspection report, we will assist the company to implement the insights that were derived at each point of interface with the customers. This will allow improvement and growth - both short and long-term.

Control plan


Next, we will prepare a detailed mystery shopper control plan that includes all the company–customer interfaces, details of the inspection interfaces, timetables, and coordination of expectations regarding the planned products or services.

Summary and feedback report


At the end of the inspection stage, our experts will prepare a detailed report that will address all the points for improvement and preservation in customer experience, sales and service, in each of the relevant interfaces: (online) stores, telephone service and sales floors. The summary of the report will include insights and action items that will be presented to the client's management representatives.

Periodic inspections


"Shopping-It" accompanies its clients on a long-term base, even after the mystery shoppers process is officially completed.

The company will continue to carry out periodic inspections at the client's marketing and sales spaces, to ensure that the organizational improvements are implemented and are well used after the finishing of the process.

Why Shopping-It?

We are innovative@2x.png

We Are Innovative

and constantly looking for the most advanced technologies and methodologies to promote the business interests of our clients.

We focus on our goal@2x.png

We Focous On Our Goal

We focus on identifying your specific problems and opportunities in order to maximize results

in this process. 

We are experts in our field@2x.png

We Are Experts In Our Field

We have many years of experiece.

Our specialists are dedicated to maximize customer experience and increasing positive brand awareness for your business.

We focus on the client@2x.png

We Focus On Our Client

and avoid using off-the-shelf solutions.

We tailor a plan for each individual client.

We have professional integrity@2x.png

We Have Professional Integrity

and will leave no stone unturned in order to identify problems and solutions.

We focus on profitability@2x.png

We Focus On Profitability

We promise that if you spend just a little bit of time and money, you can boost your brand!

High angle view of a team of united busi

Take Your Business to Higher Ground

Our special team will be glad to provide your company, no matter how big or small, Israeli or international, with our extensive know-how and experience that we have accumulated over the years at "Shopping-It". 

Client Feedback

Home Improvement

Adina, Owner and CEO

Family-owend company for household products


Our telephone service had experienced up and downs over the years. Alongside positive feedback from customers about our phone center service, we were also subject to harsh criticism, which also manifested negatively in sales and profits. ShoppingIt monitored our phone service  for a long period of time, and greatly contributed to its current situation–a telephone service that contributes on a daily and hourly basis to our company !

Image by Lauren Fleischmann

Timothy, Partner and Owner

International Women's Fashion Brand

Eroupe and Southeast-Asia

Over the past year, we had received repeated complaints about customer service in our international brand stores. In addition to the profit margin, which was always positive, we were very concerned about the brand image over time. ShoppingIt’s mystery shopper inspections helped us resolve this issue, and greatly improve our store and customer service. 


Alexandra, CEO

International Baby and Children products Brand


At the store level, everything was always great. Excellent service and great customer satisfaction. However, online sales were not taking off. ShoppingIt's people carried out mystery shopper inspections for our digital store, and discovered that people were not receiving sufficient help online, resulting in many of them to stop shopping at the site after their first online purchase. After making minor changes, which focused mainly on adding a 24/7 customer service online chat, we were able to increase online sales by 350% within just three months

Car Dashboard

Andrei, Owner

Vehicle Equipment Stores

Eastern Europe

I always thought that my company was the most profitable it could be. My sales staff had amazing deal-closing percentages, but still I felt that something could be improved. ShoppingIt’s in-depth analysis revealed that my sales staff sold a lot because they offered large discounts in order to close deals. Following the inspection, we emphasized the need to sell more profitable products, in smaller quantities, without ceaseless discounts. As a result ,over time, we managed to increase profits and strengthen our brand name thanks to Shopping-It

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